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Camp 2018

Please read this important information about our Summer Camp 2018
Dear All,
We are expecting a scorcher of a week so a few things in preparation for Monday:
Things to Bring.
Please bring drinking water for you, your children and ponies, and washing water for your ponies.
Suncream and fly spray.
It would be a good idea to send a bottle of water with your children on their rides.
Cream or white jods if possible,artex tee shirt or white shirt, pony club tie, long hair in hairnets, back
protector level 3 2009, hats: pas 015 with BSI or Snell 2001 or VG1 with BSI or AS/NZ 3838.
A more detailed list has been posted on Facebook.
Camp events
We have a full schedule of events planned for the week with several guest speakers and
Schedule will be in marquee on Monday morning.
Camp starts mounted and ready to ride 10am Monday morning, 9.30am thereafter. Tuition continues to
12.30 with a break around 11.
Lunch is from 12.30-2, with afternoon sessions recommencing at 2 until 4ish finish.
In light of the extremely hard ground conditions and in an effort to prepare members for pony club
exams within camp week, we will be working towards you childs next exam and will be devoting time to
stable management each day. We plan to hold E, D and D+ on Thursday of camp, and prepare for C, C+
and B and Road Safety with a plan to conduct these exams by end summer or Sept.
We are also running a fun/learning challenge “King of Camp” where rides challenge each other to
various tasks throughout the week. Results are recorded and the team with the most victories will be
crowned “King of Camp”.
On Wednesday we are supporting #WearGreenForJonty to show support to his family, friends and the
eventing community, we encourage everyone to wear something green. We will have our fundraising
BBQ from 12.30-2. Wed is not a half day, tuition will commence again at 2.
Friday is competition day. We will have a burger van and ice cream van in attendance. Prize giving will
be seated at marquee and done as a whole group.
Groups and Instructors
We are extremely lucky to have an excellent panel of instructors next week, and I cannot express how
important it is that you leave these instructors to do their job. NO OUTSIDE INSTRUCTION (INTERFERENCE!!) FROM PARENTS as per the code of conduct signed on membership. Please ensure that your children are polite and respectful to their instructor. Parents of children not adhering to these
simple rules will be asked politely to leave.
Riders have been assessed over the past 3 weeks and a lot of work has gone into attempting to form
groups according to ride ability, age and test standard, to form appropriate rides.
The rally groups tonight are the planned camp groups altought the instructors may change.
If you are unhappy about the group please come to me with a reasonable propsosal as to where you
think your child should be. I’ll do my best to accommodate the change but can’t promise anything as groups are mostly full already.
Fire Hazards
Please be extremely careful if using BBQ this camp. Never leave unattended and extinguish with water.
Equally if you must smoke collect your ash and extinguish butt with water.
Dogs are not encouraged but if brought they must remain on a lead at all times.
Children are their parents responsibility at lunchtime. The river is an obvious attraction in this warm
weather but unfortunately its out of bounds, as are the woods and the Wild Rosanna obstacles.
Enough on rules, sorry but they had to be said….
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful, hard working committee for all the preparation
work for the rallies and camp. And on behalf of the committee invite all parents for a meet and greet in
the marquee on Monday morning after your children are mounted and away safe from 10.30a.m.
Any problems during the week I’m available, 087 6125124, if you cant find me. Would appreciate time
to eat 1-1.30 unless an emergency.
Hope you and your children have a great week,
Kind regards,
Amanda Mooney

Camp Rally

Dear All

Only one more sleep to our first rally leading up to Summer Camp18 we are very excited and hope you are too. It will be wonderful to have so many of you together again and to welcome all our new members and let them see how much fun we can have while learning lots. The Rally will begin at 6.15pm with groups allocated and Instructors will begin sessions at 6.30pm promptly. Rally will end approximately 8pm.

Just a few guidelines to help the evening run smoothly…

As a courtesy to your Instructor and fellow members please arrive promptly before 6.15pm in order to maximise your learning (and fun!) time.

Dress Code – beige/white jodhpurs, white shirt, pony club tie, hairnets for long hair and if necessary navy club sweatshirt
Hat and Back Protectors (New Standard) must be worn and will be checked by your Instructor during Tack Inspection.

Our new members will also be attending this rally and we invite everyone to join us for tea/coffee (bring your travel mug if you have one) in the gazebo at the top of the field near the entrance.

A BUY & SELL self service sale will be set out near gazebo so don’t worry if you don’t have the full pony club kit you hopefully will be able to pick up a bargain here. Bring any tack/rugs/boots/pony club grown out of jerseys, coats etc that you would like to sell and grab a white sticker from the table write your Name, Number and Price on it and hopefully earn a little more money to spend on your pony.

Pony Club merchandise will be available if you need a new tie, badge, skin, jersey etc.

Groups will be available on the night please look out for Committee Members in hi-viz jackets as will advise your group and Instructor for the evening. Please note these groups are subject to change as rallies are an opportunity for the Instructors to assess each rider and ensure the are in the best group for Camp.

Many thanks,

Wicklow Pony Club Committee

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