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Spring League round 3 & Team selection Spruce Lodge

The final of our Spring League is this Sunday 11th Feb at Spruce Lodge, This is also the first round of our team selection day.

Online entries are now open on our website, for your convenience we have added the facility to declare for your league.
Riders must declare for the league they wish to compete in before the class starts, if riding 2 ponies you must ride the declared one first.

If you wish to be selected for team competitions you must must ride in the following respectively, Midi for Alice Mernagh, Maxi for Robbie Bailey and Super maxi for John Ledingham. Riders who have previously qualified can not drop down in class.
A pony can only jump 3 rounds.

League results can be found in the results section of our website

Spring League Round 2 Sunday 25th at Spruce Lodge

Our Spring League continues on Sunday 25th at Spruce Lodge. The day starts with a lesson at 9am for those participating in the cross pole and minus mini competition. This is a great opportunity for the younger riders and their ponies to gain confidence and get to know the course before their rounds. There was great feedback from the last lesson with Lyn and much fun was had by all. There are only 8 places in this class so don’t miss out book online – all entries are now open on Its Plain Sailing.

The League will commence at 10am and the Tuck Shop will also be open. There will be another raffle, keep an eye out on our Facebook page later in the week to find out what you can win.

You can check your league points on this website in the “Results” section or follow this link: 

Spring League 2018 week 1 points

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday.


Spring League 2018

Entries are now open for the first round of the Wicklow Pony Club Spring League 2018. Membership must be renewed in order to take part.

This year’s venue is Spruce Lodge and the first round with cross poles starts at 10am in the 11th February.

This year we are offering our younger riders (xpoles & minus minis) the opportunity to familiarise themselves and their ponies with the main arena/course by offering an hour long lesson from 9am-10am. Spaces are limited so please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

The league will continue on 25th February and 11th March.

Refreshments will be available from the Tuck Shop.

Looking forward to seeing you all

Showjumping Team Selection Leagues

The final round of showjumping for the Under 12, Robbie Bailey and John Ledingham teams will be held in Boswell on 1st July.

If you jumped at any of the previous rounds on 19th March, 17th or 20th May pease check your points here and let us know if there are any problems.

The Area 1 qualifier will be on 10th July in Boswell so if you want to be on a team please let us know if you are available on that date.

Spring League Final

The final of our Spring League will be held next Sunday 19th March in Spruce Lodge. If you have been to either of the last 2 days (12th or 26th February) you will have points in one or more of the leagues. You can check your points and the league rules here.

You can jump in more than one class on the day but if you have points in more than one league you need to decide which league you are declaring for and put this on your entry. Please check your points on this list and let us know if there are any problems.

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