Tetrathlon is a challenging four phase competition requiring practical horsemanship and general athletic ability involving running, riding, swimming and shooting.
• Running phase: The senior boys run over a 3,000 metre course while senior girls and all juniors run over a 1,500 metre course and each competitor’s time is measured.
• Swimming phase: The senior boys swim for 4 minutes, senior girls and juniors swim for 3 minutes.
• Shooting Phase: Senior boys and girls shoot using an air pistol of .177 calibre at 10m. air pistol targets from the standing position. Junior boys and girls shoot using an air rifle of .177 calibre at 10m. air rifle target lying in a prone position. Scores from all four phases are added together to arrive at an individual score for each member. The best three individual scores are calculated to arrive at a team score.

Swimming training and shooting training are organised through the club so please contact us if you would like to take part. If you are interested text your name to Ed Cherry 0833638331.

The Irish Pony Club Tetrathlon Championships 2019 will take place on Saturday and Sunday, 24th and 25th August in Tattersalls, Co. Meath.

2018 Cross Country Tacksheet

Tetrathlon Rulebook 2018