The pony club tests give you an opportunity to aim for realistic and achievable goals and can provide you with a great sense of success without having to compete. All Pony Club Efficiency Tests must be taken in sequence and are designed to cover a progressively detailed and demanding syllabus. The later tests build on the sound foundations laid down in the earlier tests.

The Proficiency Tests

E Test > D Test > D+ Test > C Test > Road Safety > C+ Test > B Test >H Test> B+ Test > A Test
These Tests are designed to help our members to learn progressively about horse, pony care and riding.

Tests to be taken within members own branch of the pony club.
Tests are optional, however if you choose not to do them you will be a little limited as regards competing because the tests are used as an entry requirement for most interbranch competitions.
If a member does not acheive the neccesary level of efficiency for a test he/she must wait minimum of two months before taking the test again.
The D.C. and Instructor will advise a member when to take a test. When you pass a test you will be awarded a signed certificate and a coloured disc, which you wear under your pony club badge on your jacket. There are different coloured discs for different tests.

E Test:

Recommended Minimum Age: 6+
This is an official voluntary test for young new members. It is not necessary to either take
or pass this Test before attempting the D test.
Candidates should be accompanied by an adult helper. The Test may be taken on or off the
lead rein.

E Test Syllabus

D Test:
Minimum age: 8.
Badge Disc colour: Yellow.
Members should have a basic understanding of ponies, be confident handling and riding a pony and enjoy learning about ponies.

D Test Syllabus

D + Test
Minimum age: 10 years.
Badge Disc colour: White.
Members should understand the aids and be able to apply them. The objective is to be working towards developing a balanced seat independent of the reins, understand elementary aids and be able to apply them. It is necessary to pass your D+ test before you can attempt the C Test.

D+ Test Syllabus

C Test:
Minimum age:12 years.
Badge Disc colour: Green.
The objectives of C Test are to understand the importance of, and to be working towards a secure seat independent of the reins on the flat and over small fences. To apply simple aids correctly. To have a knowledge of the care and working of a pony off grass. To be in full control of the pony and show courtesy to others when out riding and to understand the importance of respecting other peoples land.

C_Test Syllabus

Riding And Road Safety Test
The Riding and Road Safety Test aim to promote safety on the road. Riders must show that they ride with courtesy and responsibility and that they are aware of the law, the Highway Code and guidance laid down in The Pony Club Riding and Road Safety Manual. There is no disc for this exam but you can get a Riding & Road Safety badge. You are awarded a signed certificate. It is compulsory to pass this test before you can attempt your C+ test.

Riding and Road Safety Syllabus

C+ Test:
Minimum age: 14 years.
Badge Disc colour: Pink Felt.
The objectives of C+ Test are to become an educated and practical horseman. To ride over fences at all paces. To gain practical experience and knowledge of the care of a stabled pony and of a pony at grass. To be capable of riding a well-mannered pony out hunting and in all Pony Club activities. To ride intelligently and with due regard for others on the roads and in the country, and with a knowledge of pace, distance and discipline when riding alone and in groups.

C+ Test Syllabus

B Test
Minimum age:16 years.
Badge Disc colour: Red.
Members must attend training and an assessment session prior to attempting this test.
It requires an in depth knowledge of stable management and very competent riding as horses are exchanged for flatwork.
Candidates are from branches in the Area.
Test usually held in August.

B Test Syllabus

H Test
Minimum age: 17 years.
Badge Disc colour: Orange.
This test is needed before attempting the A Test.
It requires a very high level or horsemastership. There is no riding involved in this test . It covers practical horse management, lunging, breeding, first aid, anatomy etc. You must have an in depth knowledge of all these to be successful in this test. It is organized by Headquarters and takes place at the end of the Summer. Contact your D.C. for more information on this test.

B+ Test:
Minimum age: 18 years or over.
Badge Disc colour: Lilac.
This test is organized by headquarters and D.C.’s will submit names of candidates. It is aimed at those who have passed B test and candidates should be 18 or over. The B+ Test may be taken before or after the H Test. There are three parts to the test: riding, lunging and teaching.

B+ Test Syllabus

A Test
Badge Disc colour: Blue.
This test is the highest award of the Irish Pony Club and provides a comprehensive examination in Horsemanship and Training Young Horses for Senior Members and Associates. Candidates must hold the Pony Club H Test and must be good all-round horsemen, with sound knowledge that has been acquired in logical sequence. Passing ‘A’ Test is a really worthwhile achievement and provides the foundation to specialize in a branch of equitation. It is an exam for a serious and dedicated rider who is prepared to devote thought, time and effort to improving their own riding and their practical knowledge of training young horses. This test is organized by Headquarters. Note: You may apply to take the ‘A’ test before the date of your ‘H’ Test, but you will have to withdraw if you fail to pass the ‘H’ Test. Candidates must have had practical experience with horses as well as ponies..

A Test Syllabus