Thinking of joining Wicklow Pony Club –

well done you are taking the first steps to joining one of the best Pony Club Branches in Ireland (well we think so anyway!). Wicklow Pony Club averages a membership of c. 80 members each year ranging from the ages of 5 up to 23 years. Wicklow Pony Club (WPC) is a Branch member of its parent body the Irish Pony Club which has 62 branches spread right across Ireland. Most of our activity is based in the Ashford / Glenealy area conveniently located just off the N11 Motorway. Our Summer Camp is held in July in the wonderful grounds of Rosanna in Ashford. Other regular venues include Boswell Equestrian Centre, Bel Air Hotel & Equestrian Centre and Spruce Lodge.


Do I need to own my own Pony? ~ you do not necessarily need to own it but you must have the use of a pony. WPC does not supply ponies but rather provides the best of training & a complete and regular social outlet where all its members convene to get involved in flatwork, show jumping, x country and a host of other pony club activities.

Do I need to be really experienced? ~ Most of our Members have started at a very young age with little or no experience. We start at the very beginning with lead rein and this moves up the grades to catering for very accomplished riders.

I was a Member of another Pony Club in the Past ~ For many reasons people wish to join other Pony Clubs and you can only be a member of one Club at any one time. This is usually due to moving out of a particular area. 
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What is a District Commissioner? ~ yes it is a great big name and is inherited from all the positions established by the UK Pony Club Organisation. Each Pony Club in Ireland is run by an active committee of parents the main Officers being the District Commissioner (sort of Headmaster/Mistress), Club Secretary (does all the mailing lists, day to day contact etc) & Treasurer who keeps the financial records in place.

When are the key dates? ~ for the non competitive there are mainly three key dates. Throughout June we hold Friday Night Rallies where we all gather for about 1.5 hours of training. The first week in July is our Pony Camp Week and in late August / early September we hold our Club Gymkhana. Thereafter during School Mid Terms, Easter & Christmas Holidays there will usually be something on for all standard of Members.

I want to do all my Pony Club Tests ~ at WPC the beginners start with their D Test and as you progress you head right through all the Tests for D+, C, Road Safety, C+, B, B+ & A. We encourage all our Members to get their various Tests. Details of all the Tests are listed on the tests page.

Will I be insured in case of accident? ~ Once your Membership Fee has been received this covers you for the 12 month period of the current year. Most of your Membership Fee is returned directly to the Irish Pony Club HQ in Kilkenny which issues you an IPC Membership Card and this is also your insurance. A copy of the Insurance Policy is available to download. However, the insurance covers the Member and it is advisable to insure your Pony separately.

What Clothing do I need? ~ Click on our Merchandise Section on this site and scroll down past all the clothing photographs. There you will find a heading “Dress Code” which explains what are the compulsory items to get.

Okay Okay, I am dying to join Wicklow Pony Club. What do I do now? ~ Well done you are making a great choice of Club where you will make life-long friends.


  • Joint DC: Tom Medlycott (083 4159473)
  • Joint DC: Sally-Ann Hudson (087 6509881)