Camp 2013 One Day Event

Full One Day Event Program available here check your dressage time and arena and your show-jumping arena.

Parents please check the fence list here 2 families have been allocated to each fence and a contact number is on the list. We don’t mind who mans the fence (as long as it’s not a child) but each family must send a representative to the fence stweards briefing when it is called. The XC phase shouldn’t be more than 2 and a half hours so please make sure the fence is manned while the XC is running until you are told you can leave.

For those groups with later dressage times you MUST walk the XC course before your dressage and time will be allowed for those with early dressage times to walk it before the XC phase starts. You will not have your instructors with you today so you need to organise yourselves.  Collect your numbers in the tent check your dressage and SJ arena and present yourself to the dressage arena in good time. Show jumping is after dressage and the XC will start between 12:00 and 1:00pm. Please present yourselves to Showjumping in your groups as each instructor has indicated the height they want to jump so you may have to wait until some of the other groups have jumped before the course is raised. XC will be in numerical order starting at U12 Nos 14 – 49 then Junior Nos 52 – 100 then Senior Nos 101 – 114. Nos 1 – 12 will be doing the derby course. Please listen to the announcements and check at the marquee for any amendments.