Camp One Day Event

Please bring back any cups polished and engraved TODAY.

It will be all hands on deck tomorrow for the Camp One Day Event. We cannot run this event without a lot of help from parents. Luckily so many aunts, uncles, grannies etc. come along that this is usually not a problem. Each fence is assigned to 2 families who must arrange between them to have the fence nanned by a competent person (not a young child) from 12.30 until the event is over. The dressage times will be posted on the web tonight. We will be starting promptly at 9.30 so the early riders will have to be mounted and warming up shortly after 9. After dressage proceed to the correct showjumping arena. Cross-Country will start at 1.00 and run in numerical order.

For the younger rides there will be Obedient Pony, Showjumping and a Derby course. Your instructors will give you more information today.