Friday Team Chase

This Friday in a break from the traditional One Day Event we are running a team chase in the afternoon. My hope is that after a week of hard work and fun we can round camp of with an inclusive and sportsmanlike competition. The winners will be getting T Shirts to mark their win. The 4 man teams have been split into 2 riders over the senior track and 2 riders over the junior track. We are lucky to have more riders able for the senior track than we have juniors so some senior riders have been drawn to go around the junior track – we really look forward to a fun afternoon and we are relying on parents to ensure that everyone rides safely – the competition will be stewarded by the instructors – their scoring will not be open to challenge – I hope that everyone can join in the spirit of the competition and cheer on all the riders – we have been blessed with a beautiful week of weather and a team chase will be a lovely way to close out camp. Thank you to all those who have helped with the catering, dressage arena building – a special thanks to my corner ladies even the hopeless ones – litter picking – drinks deliveries – fence lifting – D and D plus stewards – the list is endless – we appreciate that camp cant happen without this help.