Gymkhana Saturday 2nd 2017 Boswell

The finals of our Summer League will be at our annual Gymkhana next Saturday in Boswell Equestrian. Entries for the league final will close on Friday 1st Sept at 23:59. If you have attended any of the 3 nights of the league you could have a chance of winning one of the league trophies but if you haven’t there are also on the day trophies and loads of other classes including style and appearance and fancy dress.

Please check your points on the league table or the declarations sheet and if you have any queries please let us know straight away. You can only declare in one league so if you have points on more than one pony or in more than one league you need to declare for your preferred league before riding in any class. If you don’t declare then the first class you ride in is your declared class.  Siblings sharing a pony cannot declare in the same class and if both are doing a class then the declared rider has to go first