The Irish Pony Club Festival takes place on Thursday (26th), Friday (27th) and Saturday (28th) of July in Barnadown Show Jumping.  This year’s Festival is packed full of events and activities.  

The Festival will begin on Thursday 26th with Under 10 and Under 12 Combined Training and Under 10 Mounted Games.  A detailed timetable containing all of the start times for each event may be downloaded below.

Please Note: Due to the large number of entries received for Under 10 Combined Training, the competition has been divided into two sections.

Section 1 will complete their Dressage Tests from 10.30am and proceed to their Show Jumping Round when they have finished their Dressage Test.

Section 2 MUST complete their Show Jumping Round BEFORE they complete their Dressage Test. 

Under 10 Combined Training Show Jumping will begin at 11.30am. 

All Section 2 competitors will complete their Show Jumping Round BEFORE Section 1 competitors. 

Dressage Tests for Section 2 will begin at 2pm.

Under 10 Combined Training competitors who are also playing Under 10 Mounted Games should complete their Dressage Test and proceed to the CT Show Jumping Arena.  Those playing Under 10 Mounted Games will be allowed to complete their Show Jumping Rounds first to allow them to move on to Games.  If you are in this situation, please speak to the Call Up Stewards at the Arena and they will facilitate this. 

Based on the information that was entered on all Entry Forms for the Festival, we have tried to schedule and time each competitors events, to avoid clashes.

Therefore, please take note of your Dressage Test Times and your Numbers.  However, if you find that there is a clash in any event that you are competing in, please notify the Stewards for that event on the day.  They will be aware and prepared to deal with and accommodate competitors, in situations only where another competition is clashing or has run over. 

Friday 27th July is a very busy day and based on your entry forms, we are aware that some competitors will be competing in multiple events.  This has been factored into the scheduling where possible.  The timetable for Friday includes the TRI Equestrian Under 12 (Alice Mernagh) Show Jumping Championships, Champion Hats Pure Dressage Team and Individual Championships, Champions Hats Junior, Novice, Intermediate and Open Combined Training, Junior Mounted Games and Musical Ride.

Junior Mounted Games competitors will complete their U-12 (Alice Mernagh) Show Jumping Round 1 either before the Games start in the morning OR during the Games break at lunch time.  

The Musical Ride Competition Order will be posted on the IPC website on Wednesday 25th July and it will also be posted on the notice board in Barnadown.  Don’t forget to bring your music for your Musical Ride.  Further details regarding the Musical Ride will be published 

The remaining TRI Equestrian Show Jumping Championships will take place on Saturday 28th July as well as the Senior B Mounted Games Final.

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