Pony Camp 2015

Hi All

Please see attached the rides for camp 2015. We have put a huge amount of consideration into each ride. After each rally the instructors have given us their feed back and we are satisfied that as far as is humanly possible the riders are matched in terms of ability, age, experience and type of pony. Every ride will have a strongest and weakest rider. If your child is lucky enough to be a strong rider please encourage them to enjoy their group as camp is most importantly about having fun. The children all learn from each other. Changes are very unproductive and unsettling for riders and instructors. Please also respect and trust in the knowledge and expertise of the instructors and chief instructor Jenny who has worked incredibly hard to put the rides together.

Please also read the attached letter including important safety information for camp.

Our normal starting time for camp is mounted and ready to go at 9:30 however the weather forecast for tomorrow is not great so we will start at 10:00 am and it would be wise to bring wellies and spare clothes as well as your suncream!.

See you all in the morning.