Spring League round 3 & Team selection Spruce Lodge

The final of our Spring League is this Sunday 11th Feb at Spruce Lodge, This is also the first round of our team selection day.

Online entries are now open on our website, for your convenience we have added the facility to declare for your league.
Riders must declare for the league they wish to compete in before the class starts, if riding 2 ponies you must ride the declared one first.

If you wish to be selected for team competitions you must must ride in the following respectively, Midi for Alice Mernagh, Maxi for Robbie Bailey and Super maxi for John Ledingham. Riders who have previously qualified can not drop down in class.
A pony can only jump 3 rounds.

League results can be found in the results section of our website www.wicklowponyclub.com/wp/disciplines/results/