Kings of Camp 2013!

This year we are introducing a new competition to find the Kings of Wicklow Pony Club Camp.  There will be a list of Challenges posted on the notice board.  The idea is that the different rides will challenge each other and the ride that wins the challenge gets a star.  At the end of the week the ride with the most stars will be crowned “Kings of Camp”.  An example of “Challenges” would be – best vault – quickest plaiter – fastest round the world – stepping stones – welly throwing.  The rides send forward their best vaulter/plaiter to challenge the other ride – all challenges must be witnessed by Dervla or if she is not available a member of the committee who will act as umpires/referees/stewards.  The instructor of the winning ride will get his or her car cleaned by the ride with the least amount of stars.


Stradbally entries – please let Dervla know who wants to enter stradbally ODE on Sunday 14 July.  Entries have to be in by Monday 8 July.


Details of camp rides will be put up on Sunday night.  When you arrive at camp please check the map to see where your ride is and be mounted in your arena by 9.30.  The forecast looks promising so please bring fly spray and sun cream along with your rain coats and wellies!