Less than 2 days to camp!

Hi All – Camp kicks off 9.30 Monday morning – a list of rides will be up on the web site on Sunday evening – Paul and his team have transformed the field into a site fit for Glastonbury – when you arrive please tack up and wait in your arena for your instructor – we have an instructor briefing at 9 and as soon as that is over they will make their way to the designated arenas – the rough plan for the week is that rides will run from 9.30 to 11.30 followed by a break for 30 mins and then lunch from 1 to 2.30 and the afternoon session finishes about 4 – this will be spread between riding and stable management – EVERYTHING is subject to weather – the forecast looks perfect not too sunny a bit of rain Very IRISH – every ride will have allotted time in the jumping arenas so your arenas will change during the week – we have access to loads of fabulous cross country fences so please remember to wear your crash cap so you don’t have to change hats – camp is about fun but foremost it is about safety so please dont turn up in hoodies / jewelry / strappy tops / flip flops – yes some people lead ponies around with flip flops on and although a missing toe is not fatal it will be very sore if a pony stands on a bare foot – those of you wishing to leave your ponies over night please make sure your ponies back shoes are off – a farrier will be on the field at some stage on Monday – those taking their D and D Plus will be examined on Wednesday afternoon – Friday is competition day and your instructor will tell you more about that during the week – those of you aged 12 and older who wish to be considered for your C test please let your instructor know as we will be holding possibly 2 C tests over the summer – if you happen to forget something – most of us do now matter how many camps we have done – Boswell will have a stall on the field on Monday morning – please remember to bring a packed lunch and water for your pony – the younger rides will spend time at the end of day cleaning tack so a few sponges and bars of soap will be useful – everyone should have a sponge to wash down their ponies after the rides finish – Please dont un hitch your box – a pony can only be put in a box if it is hitched up – this is very important as un hitched boxes have been known to roll down hills and disrupt picnics – I think I have covered everything but any questions call a friend! Preferably one who has done camp before or else phone Dervla and / or the rest of the committee – if we can help we will.