Minimus Championships 2014

 What a monster weekend  for the Wicklow squad at Minimus 2014!

Isobel has had outstanding results this year and capped it off with a marvellous 3rd place overall finish on a score of 3528 points.  She also had the equal 2nd best girls swim of 5 lengths 22 metres.

Roisin has been unbeatable in the running phase all year and duly completed her perfect season by winning the Kiera-Eva Mooney Trophy for the best girls run of 3 minutes 29 seconds.

Our Jets team of Isobel, Jane, Caoimhe and Roisin made it into the ribbon places in 11th of 81 teams, while the Lisa, Eve and Eleanor Fillies team were joint winners of the Turnout Cup.

Marcus D of the Colts team was our leading boy of 2014, with Isobel leading girl winning for the second year in a row.

Full results will be available on the IPC website shortly. Well done everybody!