Summer League Points

The points for the 3 nights of the Summer League are available now. Please check your points and let us know straight away if you have any queries. The points are 1 for taking part 3 for a clear first round and 2 for a second clear round so the maximum on each night is 6 points. The best 2 of the 3 nights are taken as the points for the league so 12 is the maximum points anybody can have.  If you declare for a league any points you gain at the final on Saturday are added to your league points to give the league results. Entries for the league are closing at midnight tomorrow night so if you want to declare for any league you must decide before then which league you are declaring in and make your entry. If you only have points in one league then declare for that but if you have points in more than one then you have to pick one. If a pony is being shared in the same class only 1 rider can be declared and the declared pony/rider combination must jump first.